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  • Listening to: neil landstrumm
  • Reading: the eden express, a history of god, kafka
  • Watching: shitload of horror movies
  • Drinking: been exactly 8 weeks of dryness for me

been a while.

still no english BA yet.

living in my parents basement, working at a coffeeshop for time being (future: several last undergrad courses, travel, then graduate school in california).

not shooting at all lately, instead crafting tunes:
graduated from loyola university w a degree in english
uploaded some new photos
moving back to the burbs
that is all

A quiet conscience sleeps in thunder -
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I find journal entries most interesting and valuable to read on this website when these two conditions are applied: 1. The artwork from the artist is good, or maybe just interesting 2. The subject of the journal entry is deviantART itself

Thus I recall outloud how this dubious website has been a constant companion over some time now, and has practically weaned me by supplying me with lots of pictures to look at as the years passed by. I'm almost lost in thought...

The new deviantART layout has informed me that I, Joe Garvin, am a "deviant" of seven years. This past weekend, a long time since joining this website, I set up my first photo this cafe in Wheaton, IL, my hometown:





it's up there for all of February...I'm hoping to make a lot of $$$... check it out
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Winter break is over and I'm back at school again. My life is like one of those spinning paper wheels with illustration stills and slits in it, so that when you look at it it gives the illusion of motion, but if you ever try to hold it still something inside will break. Been having some fun with the old painting-with-light idea, also recently went to the Shedd Aquarium so might have some from that. Hope everybody here is well, until next time -
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Yesterday Mike haileyissoftashell.deviantart.… and I went to the Brookfield Zoo, weathered the cold and managed to take pictures and enjoy the wonderful holy creatures of God's green earth. I uploaded some phot's here already...look at them
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Took three finals for this fall semester: worst term in my collegiate career thus far...

The Mouth of the Hudson

Mon Oct 6, 2008, 8:22 AM
By Robert Lowell

A single man stands like a bird-watcher,
and scuffles the pepper and salt snow
from a discarded, gray
Westinghouse Electric cable drum.
He cannot discover America by counting
the chains of condemned freight-trains
from thirty states. They jolt and jar
and junk in the siding below him.
He has trouble with his balance.
His eyes drop,
and he drifts with the wild ice
ticking seaward down the Hudson,
like the blank sides of a jig-saw puzzle.

The ice ticks seaward like a clock.
A negro toasts
wheat-seeds over the coke-fumes
of a punctured barrel.
Chemical air
sweeps in from New Jersey,
and smells of coffee.

Across the river,
ledges of suburban factories tan
in the sulphur-yellow sun
of the unforgivable landscape.

  • Listening to: Chick Corea
  • Reading: Robert Lowell (did you?)
fall 2008 semester underway

social connections activated

juggling again
Hello Everybody,

As you can see, I haven't taken very many good photos. All that will start to change, folks. I'm going to start submitting some things that you will like to look at. Look out world, look at!

Recently shot a roll of slide film with my Holga and some good things on there. In the mean time, check out my friend Mike's photos:

:iconhaileyissoftashell: :iconhaileyissoftashell: :iconhaileyissoftashell:
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As I was in the throes of feeling bad for not taking or uploading photos anymore, I realized that recently I've been more interested in making noises with a computer program. So here's the link where I put 'em (the newer and maybe better ones towards the bottom).…
Just got a 35mm camera back from being repaired and also bought some film for my Holga, so hopefully everyone should be seeing some new things from me soon.
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feels very late in the evening right now. bodily exhausted. exhilaration abides
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hey everybody I'm still around and taking photos. just need some time to upload a few...
He who binds to himself a joy
Does the winged life destroy;
But he who kisses the joy as it flies
Lives in Eternity's sunrise.

William Blake
I bought a Holga 120N and have shot one roll. Very pleased. Will continue with this idea, scanning some in from time to time.
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went to the Windy City Riot yesterday

going back to college on august 20

just read through a lot of my old deviantart journal entries, earliest being when I was 14. it's very interesting
new 1's on the way ;}